The Argentine forward is a player who has always been able to surprise the world. His career has already seen him play for the national team, for the Barcelona, and for the New York City.
At the moment, he is one of the main contenders for the Golden Ball, the most prestigious award in the history of the game.
Lionel Messi’s Career
The first time the Argentine forward was called to the Barcelona team was in the season 2002/03. He was already a great player, but he was not yet a great leader.
In the summer of the following year, the club decided to sign him. He immediately became a key player for the team, and he managed to score a lot of important goals.
The following season, the team won the La Liga. Messi was already the best player of the team.
During the following season the team was able to win the Champions League. Messi managed to make a great contribution to the victory of the tournament.
However, the following summer, the Barcelona bought Neymar, who was the best scorer of the club.
This was another step forward for Messi. He became a leader of the Barcelona and managed to win a lot.

The club won the Champions Cup and the Super Cup. Messi scored a lot, and the team managed to achieve great results.
But the Argentine player was not satisfied with his success. He wanted to win gold medals in all the tournaments he played in.
He managed to do this, but not in the best way.
Messi’ss Achievements in the National Team
In summer 2017, Messi was called up to the national squad. The team managed not to win any of the tournaments they participated in. However, they managed to finish in the top-4 of the World rankings.
It is worth noting that the team’sthe following season was very successful. Messi became the best goal scorer of La Liga and the champion of the world, and also scored a great number of goals. In the World championship, the Argentine was the leader of his team. He managed to help the team win the gold medals.
After that, Messi left the national football team. The club decided not to buy him, and so he decided to leave the team and go to the New Yorker.
New York City
Messis career in New York was not successful. He did not manage to win many trophies. However he managed not only to score many goals, but also to show great leadership.
One of the reasons for this was that he was a leader in the team of a different level.
Before the start of the season, Messi had already been called up for the World Cup. The Argentine player managed to play in the tournament, but the team did not win any trophy.
Later, the New Yorkers decided to buy Neymar. The Brazilian player was the main star of the squad. He helped the team to win several trophies.
Neymar also managed to become the best goalscorer of the league.
As a result, the player was called for the Ballon D’Or, the prestigious award that is given to the best footballer of the year.
Other Achievements of Messi
In addition to the World Championship, the season of the Champions was very important for the player. He played in the final match, and his team managed only to lose.
For Messi, this was a great achievement. He had not won the trophy for a long time, and now he managed it.
Many people expected him to win it, but it was the Argentine who was able not only not to lose, but to score the decisive goal.
Despite the fact that the match ended in a draw, the goal was scored by the Brazilian player.
That was the moment when Messi became a real star of his own team. Many people believed that he would leave the New Yorks team, but Messi decided to stay and become a key part of the New Yankees team. This decision was the right one, because he managed successfully to become a leader. The player was able, not only in the World, but in the Champions, to become one of its main stars.
Main Achievements of the Argentine Player
In New York, Messi managed not just to score, but as well to show his leadership. He is a leader who is able to make the team work together.
When the team is playing, Messi is the main player, and this is very important.
People who are not able to play with Messi are not good enough to play for his team, so the team needs to rely on the Argentine to achieve the desired result.
If the team manages to win, it is because Messi scores a lot and shows great leadership, which is very useful for the club’slive.
Another thing is that the Argentine is a good goalkeeper. He has already managed to save the team from a lot in the matches against the best teams in the world and in the international arena.
All the Achievements of Lionel Messi
The player is a great footballer, and it is easy to understand why he is so popular among fans.
Thanks to his skills, the fans can enjoy the game of their favorite player.

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