Manchester United goalkeeper Van Der Sar wants to leave Old Trafford. The Dutchman is a good goalkeeper but he has become too comfortable in the team.
The Dutchman’s contract will end in 2020 and it is clear that he wants to go. The club has a number of good options for him.
1. Monaco
The Monegasques are one of the main contenders for the Champions League. The team has a good squad and a good coach.
Monaco has a very good goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of the team, Gianluigi Buffon, is a great goalkeeper. He has won the Champions’ League and the Europa League.
Van Der Sar is a young goalkeeper who is ready to take the team to the next level. He is a goalkeeper who can do everything for the team and he is a real goalkeeper.
2. Valencia
The club has been in the top 4 for a long time. The main problem is that the team is not as strong as it should be.
Valencia has a young and talented goalkeeper, David Ospina. The Spanish goalkeeper is a very talented goalkeeper. His main task is to keep the team in the Champions’ League. He can do this.
3. Valencia can also be a good option for Van Der sar. The Monegass can be a real contender for the Europa Cup.
4. Granada
The team has been playing in the Spanish Cup for a while now. The problem is the fact that the club is not very strong.
Granada has a great number of players who can play in the national team. The coach is a really good coach and he has a really strong squad.
All the players are ready to fight for the gold medals.
So, the Monegs are the main candidates for the title. The only problem is whether the team will be able to play in such a strong league.
However, the team has many options for Van der Sar. He will have to decide which one is the best for him and his career.

The new season of the Spanish championship will start on August 1st. You can follow the results of the matches of the teams from all over the world on the sports statistics website.
You can follow all the results on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the latest information from the world of the most popular sports.
Football scores of the new season
The football season is in full swing. The new season is very important for the Spanish football. The tournament of the national championship will be held in the middle of the year.
This year, the Spanish Championship will be played in the first half of the season. This is because the main championship of the country is the Copa del Rey.
In the first part of the championship, the teams will play against each other. The winner of each match will be the champion.
After that, the clubs will play in a playoff round. The first matches of this playoff round will be on August 7th and 8th.
At the end of the tournament, the winner will get the right to play against the champion of the next season.
Will Barcelona be the main contender for a place in the European Cup zone?
Barcelona is the main candidate for a European Cup place. The Catalans are one the main favorites of the Champions Cup. They have a good lineup and a great coach. The Barcelona team has the best players of the world.
Of course, the main thing is the performance of the players. The players of Barcelona have a high level of motivation. They want to win the Champions title.
Barça has a lot of options for the new coach. In the summer, the club will be led by Ernesto Valverde. He was the head coach of the Catalans for a few years. He managed to get the team into the Champions league. He also managed to win a lot.
He is a coach who has a high motivation and he always wants to win.
How will the new team look in the new championship?
The Catalans will be one of those teams who will play at the top of the standings. They will be a serious contender for getting into the top-4 of the European football.
There will be many changes in the lineup of the club. The most important changes are the following:
1) The transfer of Messi. Barcelona is now the main favorite of the Coples.
Messi is a player who is loved by the fans. He always scores goals. The fans love him so much that they want to see him play in Barcelona.
Many people think that Messi is not a good choice for the club, but the fans of the Barcelona team are not in the least bit against him. They think that the player is a genius who can help the team win the European cups.
If Messi plays for the Catalons, then the team can win the cups. The player can help them to get into the European zone.
It is clear now that the Catalonians are the team that will be in the leading positions of the EPL.
What will be Messi’ s future at the club?
Messis future is very interesting. He wants to play for the Barcelona. He loves the team very much. He thinks that he can help it to win gold medals in the Epl.

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