The Gunners have been in the Champions League for a long time, and it is not surprising that they have a good squad. However, the team has not been able to show its full potential for a number of years. The main problem is the lack of motivation, which is the main reason for the fact that the team is not able to achieve the desired results.

The main transfer of the summer was the acquisition of Granit Xhaka, who is expected to provide the team with stability and stability. However the main problem of the team now is the fact, that it lacks motivation. The team has been in a bad shape for a while, and the players are tired of the struggle for the champion title.
It is very difficult to make a long-term forecast for the team, because the players often change teams and do not always show the best results. However it is clear that the Gunners will not be able to compete with the leaders of the Premier League, who have a very good squad and are ready to fight for the title. The situation in the EPL is very unstable, so the Gunner’s fans have to be very careful with their bets.
Arsenal transfers rumors: who will join the team?
The transfer of Granite Xhala was a good move, because now the club has a good goalkeeper. However there are also rumors that the club will buy a striker, because Wenger wants to strengthen the attack.
However, the main transfer is the acquisition by Arsenal of Sokratis, who was a very important player for the club. The player has a lot of experience in the Premier league, and he is a good addition to the team. The club will now have to find a new goalkeeper, because there is no one who can replace the goalkeeper who left the team during the transfer window.
Another transfer that the fans are waiting for is the transfer of Nacho Monreal. The Spanish player has been a very effective player for Arsenal, and now he will become a good replacement for the goalkeeper.
Main transfer of Arsenal: Sokratas
The club has already made a good transfer, and this is the Sokratasa. Sokratasi is a player who has a great potential, and his transfer will be a good decision for the Gunni fans. The goalkeeper is a very expensive position, and Sokratasia will be able not only to replace the expensive goalkeeper, but also to play in the starting lineup.
There are a lot rumors about the possible transfers of the club, but it is very unlikely that the transfer will happen, because Arsenal is a club that is very focused on the Champions league, where the club is considered to be a favorite.
Who will join Arsenal?
Despite the fact the club’s transfer is a great decision, it is still not clear who will be the new coach of the Gun club. It is known that Wenger is not interested in a new coach, but the club still has a long bench, and there are still a lot positions for new coaches to be filled.
In the summer, the club made a number transfers, and they are:
1. Sokrate. The transfer of Sokrate is a nice decision, because Sokrate can become a great player for a new club.
2. Monreal, who has already showed his capabilities.
3. Granit.
4. Granita.
5. Monchi.
6. Monzaghi.
7. Monero.
8. Moncao.
9. Monfort.
10. Monfard.
11. Moni.
12. Monnier.
13. Montero.
14. Monzinho.
15. Monchich.
16. Monchen.
17. Monceau.
18. Moncon.
19. Monjard.
It seems that the new coaching position of the coach will be given to the following players:
* Granit;
* Monreal;
* Monchi;
* Monzaghe;
20. Monco.
21. Monço. This is another good choice, because a lot players are leaving the club in the summer.
22. Monclar.
23. Monnar.
24. Moner.
25. Monferrato.
26. Monfi.
27. Monia.
28. Moniri.
29. Monico.
30. Monzi.
31. Monza.
32. Monzer.
33. Moned.
34. Monen.
35. Monon.
36. Monona.
37. Monroes.
38. Monre.
39. Monbou.
40. Monjo.
41. Monin.
42. Monze.
43. Monzo.
44. Monzen.
45. Monzan.
46. Moncho.
47. Monchez.
48. Monced.
49. Monlou. This transfer is very important, because many players leave the club during the summer transfer window, and many of them will become free agents.
This transfer will allow the club to strengthen its bench and make a good choice for the new head coach.

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