The Dutchman has been at the club for almost a year and a half, but the fans have already begun to wonder whether he will stay or not.
As for the future, it is still unclear, but it is clear that the club will need to strengthen the position of the goalkeeper.
United has already started to do this, and the club is now working on a number of positions in order to improve the results.
In the summer, the team strengthened the defense, but also strengthened the position in midfield. The club is also trying to strengthen its attack, which is the most important for the team.
However, the main priority of the club in the current season is the goalkeeper position.
This is why the club has already made a number transfers in order not to lose Van Der’s position. The goalkeeper will be replaced by the young goalkeeper of the team, who is already a sensation.

United is now trying to find a goalkeeper who can play in the center of the field. The player of the Dutch national team, De Gea, is a good option, but there are also other options.
One of the main problems of the current Tottenham is that the team lacks a leader. The team is led by Mauricio Pochettino, who has a very good team, but he does not have a real leader.
If the team has a good game, it can be defeated by the Spurs, but if the team loses points, the fans can be sure that the situation will worsen.
Tottenham news transfers on a daily basis
The Spurs have a very bad start of the season, and they are not yet ready to fight for the champion title.
It is clear, however, that Pochettano wants to fight until the last round, and he has already managed to do it.
He is now focusing on the fight for gold medals, and if he manages to get there, then the team will be able to fight against Manchester City and Liverpool.
But the Spurs are not ready to compete against the teams of the Premier League, and this is why they will have to fight in the Europa League.
These are the reasons why the team is not yet in the best shape, and it is not clear whether Pochettiano will be successful in the fight against the leaders of the EPL.
You can always follow the latest Tottenham news on the website of sports statistics, where you will find all the necessary information about the team and its performance.
Latest Tottenham news and results
The team has started the season quite well, and now it is quite capable of winning the champion’ title. However, the Spurs still have a lot of problems, and these problems are the following:
1. Lack of a leader
2. Unstable lineup
3. Weak defense
4. Lack stability
5. Unsuccessful transfers
The first problem is the lack of a good leader. Mauricio has already had a number leaders, but they are all injured, and in the long term, it will be very difficult to find someone who can replace them.
Another problem is that Tottenham has a rather unstable lineup. The Spurs have only one goalkeeper, who can be replaced in the middle of the game, but not in the last minute.
All this can be seen on the Tottenham website, where the fans will find the latest news about the performance of the Spurs.
Fans can follow the team’ results on the sports statistics website, and you will always be the first to learn about the latest information.
Upcoming Tottenham transfers
In summer, Tottenham has made a lot changes, and some of them will be beneficial for the club.
For example, the club made a good transfer in the goalkeeper, which will help the team to improve its results. Tottenham also strengthened its defense, and thanks to this, the goalkeeper will not be able play in dangerous positions.
Also, the Tottenham team has strengthened the midfield, and with this, it has become much easier to play in attack.
There are also a number transfer that will help to improve Tottenham’ performance. For example, it was the signing of the defender, who will help Tottenham to create a stable lineup.
Moreover, the young midfielder of the Tottenham, Harry Winks, is already proving himself to be a good player.
Thanks to the transfer of the young player, the squad of Pochettao has a number that is quite comfortable, and many players are already starting to show their skills.
Thus, the season of the London team will not end in the Champions League, but in the Premier league.
New Tottenham results on a regular basis
Thanks also to the transfers of the defenders, the position on the field of the English team has been strengthened.
Now, the defense of Pochetano is quite stable, and there is a number on the position. Thanks to this and the transfer, the situation of the defense will improve, and Tottenham will be ready to face the leaders in the EFL Cup.
At the same time, the new Tottenham results are not so good, and fans can see that the Spurs will have a difficult time in the domestic championship.
Manchester United has a really good lineup, and when the team plays, it always has a chance to win.

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