The Merseysiders are interested in signing the Spanish midfielder, who is considered to be one of the main leaders of the team.
However, the club is also interested in buying the player from Valencia. The club has already bought the player in the previous season, but he did not play for the team for a long time.
Villa, who has already scored several goals for the club, is a good replacement for the injured Wayne Rooney. He has already become a leader of the midfield, and the club will be able to count on his help in the future.

The club will buy the player for the price of 100 million euros. The player is a free agent, so he can sign a contract with any team. However, the player will not be able play for Valencia, so the club has to pay the full price for the transfer.
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In the current season, Manchester United is one of England’s main favorites. The team has a good lineup, which can be used for attacking football. The Red Devils are also able to play well in the Premier league, where they have a good record.
It is worth noting that the team is able to compete with the leaders of England, such as Liverpool and Manchester City. The latter has a long bench, so it is very difficult to count out the Red Devils.
Manchester United’ players have a long tournament distance ahead. The season will end in the Champions league, and they will have to fight for the places in the next season. The main goal of the club for the next year is to get into the Champions club.
They are also trying to get to the Champions’ league again. The players have to be ready for the fight, and it is important for them to play against the teams from the lower divisions.
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At the moment, the team of Jose Mourinho is one the main favorites of the Premier. The Portuguese coach has a great squad, which is able not only to win, but also to achieve great results.
This summer, the Red devils bought a number of players who can help them in the long tournament season. One of them is the young Spanish player, who became a good leader of his team. The young player is David Villa.
He has already played for the Spanish team for several years, and he has already managed to score several goals. The new season will be very difficult for the Red Devil’ squad, because the main rival of the Portuguese is Manchester City, which has a much better lineup.
If the team manages to get in the top 4, it will be the first step to the European competitions. The City has a very good squad, and its players can play in the most prestigious club tournament.
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Current position of Manchester United in the EPL table
The season of the EFL Championship is in full swing, and Manchester United has become one of its main competitors. The current position of the Red team in the standings is not very comfortable, but it is not the worst.
Now the club can count on the help of the young players of the squad, who have already become leaders of their teams. The first of them are Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial.
Rashford has already made a good start of the season, and his performance has already pleased the coach. The forward is able score a lot of goals, and this is a positive sign for the coach, who hopes that he will become a key player of the United team.
In addition, the young player has already been playing for the United for several seasons, so his experience will be a great help to the team in future.

Manchester City is a team that is able compete with any other in the world. The squad of Jose Guardiola has a lot to offer, and many of them can play for a champion.
One of the most important players of this team is Leroy Sane. The Frenchman is a key member of the City squad, as he has been for several consecutive seasons.
Sane has already won the champion title, and now he is able play in all the tournaments of the world, as the team needs him.
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The current season of EFL championship is very interesting for the fans.

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