The new season has started, and the Premier League is back at it. This time, the teams are not the same, but the struggle for the title is still very intense. The main contenders for the victory are:
* Newcastle United;
* Manchester United; and
* Liverpool.
The Red Devils are in great shape, too, and are in a good position to defend their title. The team has a good lineup, and it is ready to take the fight to the main contenders.
Manchester United is in a very bad shape, and this is reflected in the current season. The Red Devils have a very unstable squad, and many players are not in the best shape. This is another reason why the team is not able to fight for the champion title.
However, the team still has a chance to win the title. It is very important for the team to strengthen its defense, as well as to improve its attack. The club has a lot of potential, so it is very difficult to keep the title in the new season.

The Premier League table is always a good opportunity to follow the latest news from the world of football. Here, you can find the results of matches of the top teams.
Newcastle United vs. Manchester United Live Results
The season of the English Premier League has come to its end. The current season is quite interesting, and there is a lot to be said about the struggle of the main favorites of the championship.
This year, the main competitors of the Red Devils were:
1. Liverpool. The Merseysiders have a good squad, which can be called one of the best in the world. The players of the team are able to perform well in any situation. This was demonstrated by the team in the Champions League, where the team won the group stage and was the first to enter the playoffs.
2. Manchester City. The Citizens are the main contender for the gold medals of the Premier league. The previous season, the club was not able even to enter into the Champions league. However, this time, they have a lot more confidence.
3. Chelsea. The Blues have a great lineup, which is able to score a lot. The problem is that the team has not been able to demonstrate this for a long time.
All the above mentioned teams are still in the fight for gold medals. The fight for victory in the Premier championship is not over yet, as the teams will be ready to fight until the last match.
Live Results of Newcastle United and Manchester United Matches
The current season of English Premier league is quite busy. The teams have a busy schedule, and they have to play in the following tournaments:
β€’ FA Cup;
β€’ League Cup; and
β€’ Champions League.
It is very interesting to follow all the results from the matches of top clubs, as they can change quickly. The Premier league table is updated regularly, and you can always follow the results and get the latest information from the championship of England.
In the current campaign, the Red devils were not the best of the teams. The most obvious reason for this is the injuries of the leaders. However the team managed to play well in the matches, and managed to get a good result.
If the team was not the strongest, then the team’s lineup was not so good. The following players are the most important for Manchester United:
Β· Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
Β· and Anthony Martial.
Ibrahimovic is the leader of the club, and he has been playing for the Red team for a number of years. He is able not only to score goals, but also to distribute the ball to other players.
Anthony Martial is the main striker of the Manchester United. He has a great number of goals in the English championship. He also has a very good distribution of the ball.
You can follow the live results of the matches between the teams and get all the information from them. The information will be updated regularly.
Current Season of the Bundesliga
The Bundesliga is the second most popular football championship in Europe. This season, it is much more interesting, as there are a lot new teams and a lot changes in the standings.
As for the main rivals of the Germans, it can be mentioned:
● Bayern;
● Borussia Dortmund; and,
● Dortmund.
These teams are very strong, and have a chance of getting into the top-4. However they are not able yet to demonstrate their full potential.
There is a good chance that the teams from the Bundesliga will be able to take advantage of the fact that the tournament is held in the summer. This will allow them to strengthen their lineup and get a chance at the Champions Cup.
Bundesliga table
The German championship is held every year, and is a very important tournament. The Bundesliga table is very busy, and all the teams have to fight in the tournament.
One of the most interesting competitions is the Champions cup, as it is held once every four years. The Champions cup is a tournament for the best teams in Europe, and in this tournament, the clubs have to get into the European Cup.

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